Syed Murad Ali Shah
Minister for Finance & Energy
Govt of Sindh

Affordable and reliable energy is a basic component that drives the economy. Slow economic growth in recent years is mainly attributed towards electricity shortages in the country. Government of Sindh has aimed to overcome energy shortages relying on indigenous and renewable sources.

Currently, the share of renewable energy in Pakistan’s energy mix is minimal whereas other developing countries have set ambitious targets to enhance the share of renewable energy sources. Being indigenous, clean, and economical resource having short gestation period, renewable energy projects are considered most viable option for import substitution, reducing basket price of energy and to offset the environmental impacts of fossil fuels.

Alhamdolillah, Sindh is endowed with wind, small hydro, solar (both solar PV and solar thermal), biomass / waste-to-energy and geothermal sources of energy. These resources are being tapped for generating affordable and reliable energy for the province and the country.

I am very happy to share that many renowned international and local power developers are actively pursuing projects which will start contributing power to the national grid by June, 2016. The Energy Department is working hard to carve out a model for hybrid use of wind farm land for solar power development as well.

Energy Department is providing “One Window Facilitation” to investors and is implementing investor friendly Renewable Energy Policy which offers attractive returns on investments, tax exemptions, land allotment, guaranteed power purchase, Govt. guarantees to lenders & project sponsors, feed-in tariff & standardized security agreements. With the proactive approach of the Govt. of Sindh, renewable energy is expected to contribute sizeable share in the development and progress of the country.