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Sindh Government attaches high priority to Energy facilitation which it believes would take the province to path of the progress where it achieves its true economic potential. The creation of Sindh Energy Department is the manifestation of Sindh Government’s commitment to bring about continuous improvement in the Power sector in the province. Power Department serves as the point of contact between the local Public and the government representatives to achieve responsive action and improve relationships.

Pakistan is deficient in electricity and currently facing a load shedding of more than 5000 MW in peak summer time. Due to this load shedding, country is facing economic slowdown and experiencing a lower growth rate than the potential. The country is looking for new investments in the power sector and offers variety of fiscal and monetary incentives to the investors.

In Sindh at present about 20,000 villages / settlements of population of 100 souls and above are still deprived of this basic facility. Yearly, in addition to Federal funds for village electrification purpose, the Provincial Government also provides funds to HESCO and KESC Sindh has 68% of total country’s oil reserves also sindh produces 72% of gas in the country. The Thar Coal in Sindh has largest coal deposits of 282 billion tons. The Total power production capacity is about 21,593 MW a Short fall of approx 4,500 MW. In the demand for electricity growing at annual rate of 9%, where as supply of electricity is increasing at 7%.

The Government of Sindh is actively pursuing its goal to bring prosperity to its people by providingcontinuous electricity supply to all.