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Established in the year 2014 by the Government of Sindh, to invest and hold diverse energy related ventures. Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt.) Ltd was formed with the objective to develop and expand favorable avenues of investment in the Energy sector and to increase the investor confidence in energy industry of Sindh.

Sindh Energy Holding Company was envisioned keeping in view the potential of the province to become an energy hub for the country. With Sindh having numerous sources of energy in abundance, SEHCL is determined that it will play a defining part in the development of viable production from these sources.

With these aspirations SEHCL, in a brief period of its existence, has formed four subsidiary companies that will be actively operating in their specialized fields within the energy sector. These companies have been strategically formed to cater and work on different energy sources. Sindh Petroleum (Pvt.) Ltd (SPL) is working in the hydrocarbon E&P Sector, While Sindh Transmission and Dispatch Company (Pvt.) Ltd (STDC) is formed as a services Company to provide power transmission solutions for the new power project. For exploitation of vast coal resources of Sindh, Sindh Lakhra Coal Mining Company (SLCMC) has been formed similarly to make use of renewable source of energy, Sindh Renewable Energy Company (Pvt.)Ltd (SREC) is also established.

Since its inception STDC has successfully completed a project of 100 Km long transmission line for Sindh Nooriabad Power Plant to connect and transmit the power to its buyer K-Electric.

In addition to its subsidiaries SEHCL also directly holds Joint Ventures in seven (07) Exploration blocks with Pakistan Petroleum Ltd and Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd, which were offered to it under the Petroleum policy 2012 of Government of Pakistan.

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