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Thar Coal

In order to fast track the development of coal, especially the largest coal resources of Thar, one stop decision taking body Thar Coal and Energy Board (TCEB) was established in 2008 under the Chief Executive of the Province with representation from Provincial and Federal Governments as well. Thar Coal & Energy Board was notified by Government of Sindh on 22nd July 2008 to act as one stop organization on behalf of all Ministries, Departments and agencies of the GOP and GOS in the matters relating to approval of the Projects for Coal Mining in Thar and for coal fired Power generation plants or for other uses of Thar Coal. Subsequently Thar Coal and Energy Board Act, 2011 was passed by Provincial Assembly of Sindh in July, 2011.


The primary role of the Board is to facilitate and coordinate with domestic, foreign and international institutions for speedy development of Thar Coal and to act as Coal Pricing Agency for Coal Tariff Determination and implementation agency. Since TCEB’s creation, twenty Board meetings have been held.  All meetings were attended by the Chief Minister, Sindh.  The President and the Prime Minister have also chaired special Board meetings, where progress was taken from TCEB and various matters were discussed.”


There is an Executive Management to assist the Board in the performance of its functions which shall consist of Managing Director and other officers including staff as may be appointed by the Board. The Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Management.


The composition of Thar Coal & Energy Board is as under:-

Chief Minister Sindh Chairman
Federal Minister for Water & Power Vice-Chairman
Federal Minister for Finance Member
Federal Minister for Law and Justice Member
Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission Member
Federal Secretary, Water and Power Member
Chief Secretary, Govt. of Sindh Member
One Female MNA from Thar Region Member
Three Provincial Ministers Member (to be nominated by GoS)
One Eminent Person Member (to be nominated by GoS)
Secretary, Coal & Energy Dev. Dept. Member
Managing Director, TCEB Member/Secretary

Members of Thar Coal & Energy Board
i. Syed Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister Sindh (Chairman)
ii. Mr. Omar Ayub Khan Federal Minister for Energy (Power Division) Vice-Chairman
iii. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh Advisor to Prime Minister for Finance (Member)
iv. Barrister Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem, Federal Minister for Law & Justice Federal (Member)
v. Makhdhum Khusro Bakhtiyar Deputy Chairman (Planning Commission) Member
vi. Ms. Shazia Atta Mari MNA (Member)
vii. Mr. Irfan Ali Federal Secretary for Energy (Power Division) Member
viii. Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh (Minister for Energy, Govt. of Sindh Member)
ix. Mr. Shabbir Ali Bijarani (Minister for Mines & Minerals Development, GoS Member)
x. Syed Sardar Ali Shah (Minister for Education & Culture, GoS Member)
xi. Barrister Murtaza Wahahb (Advisor to CM for Law, Anticorruption, Information & Arch. Member)
xii. Mr. Mumtaz Ali Shah, (Chief Secretary Sindh Member)
xiii. Mr. Musaddiq Ahmed Khan (Secretary Energy Department, Govt. of Sindh Member)
xiv. Mr. Tariq Ali Shah (Managing Director, TCEB Member / Secretary)


Major Functions of TCEB:
(a) To act as one-stop organization on behalf of all the ministries, departments and agencies of
the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Sindh in the matters relating to
formulation of policies;
(b) To accord approval of projects for coal mining in Thar and for coal fired power generation
plants or for other uses of Thar coal;
(c) To appraise, evaluate and approve all investment proposals and projects received from the
(d) To assist investors in obtaining necessary consents, licenses, permits, and other legal
documents required to operate, explore and develop the Thar Coal resources;
(e) To monitor the progress of investment programmes and projects at all stages and ensure
through inter-agency and inter-provincial coordination, prompt implementation and
(f) To encourage and promote international and national investment for the development of
Thar Coal;
(g) To coordinate and facilitate the domestic, foreign and international institutions for
financing of the proposed projects;
(h) To coordinate and facilitate the activities of Federal, Provincial and District Governments
and their respective agencies related to Thar Coal including infrastructure development;
(i) To correspond with concerned local and international agencies except in matters involving
commitment of the Government of Pakistan;
(j) To develop and approve, fiscal incentives for investors for development of Thar Coal
(k) To call special meetings of relevant government agencies to discuss, review, resolve issues
related to the development of the Thar Coal;
(l) To approve any affiliation necessary with international organizations related to the
development of the Thar Coal;
(m) To determine and control the price of coal;
(n) To open and operate bank accounts in local and foreign currencies;
(o) To charge or levy fees for any services rendered to the investors;
(p) To develop a marketing, image building and public relations strategy to generate interest
in the potential and opportunities of Thar Coal and publicize its activities; and
(q) Any other function related to development of the Thar Coal deposits.