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Sindh being the major contributor towards the natural gas requirements of the whole nation and known for its proven petroleum plays, it is pertinent, for a continuous and dependable source, to carry out extensive and fast track exploration activities to discover new promising reserves for sustainable gas supply. In light of this goal and to increase investor’s confidence and interest in the petroleum sector Sindh Government took the initiative to establish an E&P company.

Thus, Sindh Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited is established on 7th of July, 2014 at Karachi as a subsidiary of Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt.) Ltd, wholly owned by Government of Sindh, with a mandate to operate in the upstream Oil & gas sector.

The long term objective of the company is to increase the hydrocarbon production of Sindh and Pakistan by opening new frontiers, and exploring unexplored and unconventional potential petroleum plays including sources such as Coal Bed Methane, Coal Gasification and Gas Hydrate to name some. Also to acquire and employ necessary knowledge and state of the art techniques to utilize the maximum potential of these reserves in an economical fashion.