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Directorate of Alternate Energy

Pakistan is blessed with enormous natural energy resources including alternative/renewable energy resources; all of these resources are also abundantly available in Sindh province. These alternative/renewable resources include Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Municipal Solid Waste, Agriculture Waste, Livestock Waste, Bio Fuels, Geo-thermal Energy, Tidal Energy and Micro Hydel (run of the river). These energy resources can be utilized as fuel or indirectly for electric power generation at macro and micro level.

The Directorate of Alternative Energy is responsible for harnessing the alternative/renewable energy resources, addresses the relevant issues/matters at provincial level, facilitate local and foreign investors and donors for promotion and implementation of alternative energy/renewable energy projects, plan and implement project through public funding, foreign grants, loans etc and design alternative energy policy for province and review it from time to time.

Policies of Government of Sindh

The Government of Sindh is facilitating local and foreign investments for implementation of mega projects based on Renewable Energy Technologies like Wind, Solar, Waste to Energy, Mini Hydal (Run of River), etc… under the framework of “Policy for Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation, 2006” (RE Policy2006). Through this policy the power generation projects established though Renewable Energy Technologies by local and foreign investors are fully protected under Constitution of Pakistan, which guarantees the purchase of all power generated from the project through buy bank guarantees of the Government of Pakistan. Whereas RE Policy 2006 expired in March 2018, Government of Pakistan issued new Policy called Alternative Energy& Renewable Energy Policy 2019.

For fulfilling the land requirements of power generation projects the Government of Sindh has exclusive policy for land allotment called “Statement of Conditions for Grant of State Land on Lease, 2015”. All policies are available at website.

Functions of the Directorate of Alternative Energy

·        To promote alternative energy from all natural sources such as Sunlight (Solar), Wind, Waste, Bio-mass, Water, and Ocean waves, etc… in the province of Sindh.

·         To assess technical and economical potential for alternative energy sources.

·         Disseminate information on alternative energy sources to the public and communities, private and public sector organizations

·         Assist the Sindh Government on policies, rules and regulations pertaining to the promotion of alternative energy

·         Implementation of the “Policy of Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation, 2006and after expiry of 2006 ,new AREpolicy 2019

·         Facilitation to the private investors for investing in Renewable Energy Power Generation Project which are covered under the said RE policy, 2006

·         Participation in Research, Development and trainings in the field of Alternative Energy.

Potential of Alternative/Renewable Energy Resources in Sindh:

Wind Energy

Sindh province is blessed with immense wind resource. The wind corridor, which is recognized as one of the strongest wind corridor in the region, has good wind energy resources available throughout the year. Thecorridor is 60 km wide (Gharo – Ketibandar) and more than 180 km long (including Thatta, Badin, Jamshoro, Hyderabad and Tharparkar). This corridor has an exploitable potential of more than 60,000MW of electric power generation. 

 Government of Sindh, through Energy Department, has opened its arms for private investors to install wind farms as Independent Power Producers (IPP) and has facilitated with suitable lands, as per “Land Grant Policy”, in the wind corridor. 32 IPPs are already executing their wind power generation projects and are at their various stages of project development. Government of Sindh welcomes all local and foreign investors and power producers to invest and implementation in wind power generation projects.

Solar Energy

Sindh province receives an average of about 19 mega joules per square meter of energy throughout the year, which is high level of solar radiation. Such a high potential of energy allows us to produce electricity for on Grid communities through mega level power generation plants using solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies and to off Grid communities using stand alone or community based power generation facilities using solar photovoltaic technology.

Government of Sindh has plans to facilitate private and foreign investments for installation of concentrated solar thermal and solar photovoltaic-based power generation plants. Also, electrification of off Grid communities, public sector education buildings, water drawing systems, desalination and distribution setups using solar photovoltaic technology are under consideration are under consideration as major areas.

Waste to Energy

Agriculture and livestock sector of Sindh produces abundant amount of biomass in the form of crop residues and animal waste such as bagasse, rice husk and dung much of which is currently collected and used outside commercial economy as unprocessed fuel for cooking and household heating. In addition municipal solid waste produced by large urban population like Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Shaheed Benazirabad, Mirpurkhas etc… is presently openly dumped, which could instead be utilized to produce methane gas and electricity.

  • Energy Department GoS prepared Sindh Waste to Energy Policy (SWEP) 2021 same was approved by Sindh Cabinet and notified on dated 9th December,2021
  •  Sindh Waste to Energy Policy 2021 is intended to facilitate and promote utilization of MSW for energy recovery and generation of electricity at affordable cost in a sustainable manner, and this process will contribute to the sustainable development of Pakistan.

Government of Sindh has plans to install municipal solid waste to energy power generation projects in potential cities of Sindh, to utilize agriculture and livestock waste for fuel recovery and for electricity generation.

List of wind power projects  in Sindh facilitated by Directorate of Alternative Energy as per RE policy 2006

Sr. #Name ProjectCapacity
1Gul Ahmed Energy50
2Metro Wind Power Ltd60
3Master Green Energy Ltd50
4Tricom Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd50
5Lakeside Energy (Pvt) Ltd50
6Din Group50
7NASDA Green Energy (Pvt) Ltd50
8Indus Wind Energy Limited50
9Liberty wind 2 power50
10Liberty wind 1 power50
11Artistic Milliners50
12ACT2 Wind (Pvt.) Limited50
13Norinco International Thatta Power (Pvt.) Ltd100
14Moro Power Company (Pvt) Ltd25
15Sino Well Energy (Pvt.) Limited50
16Muhammad Shafi Tennerries (Pvt) Ltd50
17Iran-Pak Wind Power (Pvt.) Ltd.50
18CACHO Wind Energy (Pvt) Limited 2×50100
19Finergy (Pvt) limited50
20New Generation Power Pvt Ltd100
21Unicol Limited50
22Power China Houdang Engg Corporation50
23Wuwei Aerospace New energy Ivestment Co Ltd100
25Gul Ahmed Power Company Ltd50
26Gul Ahmed Renewable Energy Ltd50
27Yunus Wind power Ltd50
28Lucky Wind power Ltd50
29Aerem Energy Pvt Ltd250
30Sindh Renewable Energy Company  Pvt. Ltd 2×50100
31Jamshed Energy50
32Orient Energy Systems (Pvt) Ltd50
33Hurrican wind power150
34Novatex limited50
35Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing Industries50
36DHA City Karachi (DCK)50
37Lootah Energy Ltd-I50
38 Lootah Energy Ltd-II)50

List of solar power  projects in Sindh facilitated by Directorate of Alternative Energy as per RE policy 2006

Sr. #Name ProjectCapacity
1NGPI Phoenix Solar Energy (Pvt.) Ltd200
2Metro solar power Ltd50
3Technomen Kinetics/ZTE20
4MI solar Pvt Limited20
5sukkur solar park Pvt Ltd20
6Thatta Solar Park Pvt ltd20
7Al Tariq & Laguardia20
8Gul Ahmed solar power Ltd50
9National power & water company Pvt Ltd50
10F1 solar PK (Pvt) Ltd100
11Tricom solar power Pvt Ltd50
12Siachen energy Ltd -I100
13China National Power Ltd100
14Zhongxing  Telecom pakistan Pvt Ltd(ZTE)100
15Technomen Kinetics pvt  Ltd100
16Act 2 Solar Pvt Ltd50
17IDC Pvt Ltd50
18Siddiq Sons Limited50
19Artistic Solar Energy (Pvt) Ltd50
20Sindh Renewable Energy Company50

List of wind /solar  hybrid  power  projects in Sindh facilitated by Directorate of Alternative Energy as per ARE policy 2109

S/No.Project TitleCapacity MW
1Sapphire Green Energy Pvt Limited  solar/wind hybrid B2B project 250
2Oracle Energy Limited solar/wind hybrid green hydrogen project 1200
3Engro Energy Limited solar/wind hybrid B2B project 400
4GO energy Private Limited floating solar at Keenjhar lake Thatta 500

List of Waste to Energy Projects in Sindh facilitated by Directorate of Alternative Energy as per Waste to Energy policy 2021

S/No.Project TitleCapacity MW
1Khan Renewable Energy Private Limited  50
2Green waste Energy Private Limited 50


Following are the projects implemented by the Directorate of Alternative Energy during the year 2013-14 and 2014-15

S/No.Project TitleLocationStatusRemarks
1Supply & Installation of 350 Solar Systems at 350 Schools at Taluka Nangarparkar, District TharparkarNangarpark, District TharpakrarImplementedThrough this project 350 schools at Taluka Nangarparkar were electrified though solar PV technology
2Supply & Installation of Solar Home Systems and Solar Street LightsVillage Hashim jo Tar and Umaid Ali jo Tar, Taluka Khipro, District SangharImplementedThrough this project 15 solar street lights were installed and 140 houses were electrified at Taluka Khipro, District Sanghar

Plans/Future Goals:

Future goals are to generate 4000 MW through Wind Energy, 500 MW through solar PV technology, 100 MW through solar thermal energy, to install 5-51 MW Municipal Waste to Energy power generation plants in big and major populated cities of Sindh Province depending upon quantum of waste available theses cities, to install biogas plants in major cities where potential cattle colonies/farms are available, to produce of bio fuels on pilot basis i.e. bio diesel, ethanol and bio gas. Village electrification through Solar Energy in off-grid villages/areas of Sindh Province.

Organogram of the Directorate of Alternative Energy